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With our team of professional virtual assistants on your side, no matter what industry you are in, the growth of your business is guaranteed!

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Tasker Web

After impacting the global business stage for decades now, our team of virtual assistants is here to help your business venture in India.

We can assist you round the clock according to your specific needs and together we can steer your business ambitions towards a profitable destination.

With our tried and tested mettle for maximizing business success and minimizing hindrance, we want to specifically focus on organizations, startups, and small, medium, and big businesses in India that want to take the next step in business intelligence by delegating their daily and recurring tasks to professional VAs.

You can listen to the feedback that our thriving client base has to offer! Our competency and capacity are for you to judge –


One-Stop Destination For All Things Virtual

The one and true aim of MyTasker is to meet all our client's needs no matter how small or big it is.

Services Catered To Your Unique Needs

Our wide list of services covers everything from e-commerce assistance to real estate support. We’ll help you thrive everywhere.

Reliable Support That Resonates

MyTasker takes pride in providing 24-hour support. We are only one call away, no matter your requirements or schedule.

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Our Mission

  1. To make the business world More Productive…
  2. To make business processes More Streamlined…
  3. To make business efficiency Highly Optimized…
  4. To make businesses Eliminate Mundane Headaches…
  5. To Help You Save Time and Money…

We simplify our clients’ tasks and therefore, we believe in these five fundamentals that are practical, achievable, and can be delivered to any industry if there is a comprehensive understanding of the desirable results.

This is why we love to listen to your exact specifications and carry out those specific tasks that will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

What Is

Our Vision

Deliver Quality at an Affordable Rate with Utmost Dedication, Unwavering Commitment, and Optimum Efficiency!

From our inception, our objective is to minimize the time that is lost due to distractions, interactions, exchanges, and diverse delegation. We strive for maximum collaboration with minimum obstructions.

We combine cutting-edge technology to meet the modern needs of an innovating world and this is why our brand is trusted across the global horizon for adding value to businesses with expertise and integrity.


Information AboutOur Client Base

Tasker Web is a virtual assistance company that focuses on clients, businesses, organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, startups from the Indian market who are looking to diminish their business hassles and want to focus on expansion, profitability, and the bottom line!

So, whether you are a business owner or an individual with graphic designing, website development, social media management, and content creation needs we can collaborate together to make your dream a living reality.

Our team of highly talented individuals will be dedicated to your success and take care of all your business needs in a committed and transparent manner.

Why Are We Your

Ideal Business Partner in India?

Whether you run a small, medium, or big business in India, we take pride in a complete understanding of our client’s current business and financial position.

Our suggested solutions will never take you out of your budget nor will they push you to make an overly adventurous business decision.

We make sure that your vision for success aligns with our vision for your company so that this fruitful collaboration can ultimately boost your bottom line and take it to exorbitant figures.

We take security very seriously and in our 10+ years of business operations, we have never compromised any security check or confidentiality clauses on our client’s part. This is the cornerstone of the trust that global businesses have in us.

We welcome you heartily to come into our office and have a friendly chat with our team before you invest your hard-earned money. We do not have anything to hide and we are open for mindful business conversations.

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